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Belev Raanana – Living together in the Raanana community

Belev Raanana, registered nonprofit #580490605, works together with professional experts to establish a home within the Raanana community for moderate to low-functioning young adults with intellectual disabilities and/or in need of nursing care. Belev Raanana is the project’s initiator, manager and entrepreneur, receiving professional support from the Ministry of Welfare, the Raanana Municipality, the Shalem Foundation and a National Insurance Institute Fund. Thanks to this extensive collaboration, young adults with severe disabilities, who in the past would have been sent to remote institutions, cut off from their families and home communities, will for the first time be able to live their entire lives with dignity in the community of their childhood.

The new home established by Belev Raanana serves as a model – being one of the first in Israel built in this format.

Israela Ringham-Levi, Project Initiator

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." Albert Einstein

For many years my family and I struggled with the difficult and complex challenge of raising a child with special needs in our home. We gave him all our love and devotion, which were always able to overcome the hardships. But thinking of the future, I found it hard to imagine my son living in some faraway institution. I wanted him, as he reached adulthood, to continue living in the community, in a supportive and dignified home - just like the home of his childhood. And that is how the idea was born: building a loving home in the community.
Not an institution. Not a hostel. Not a shelter. A HOME.
From the hardship, an opportunity arises.
The home is designed for moderate to low-functioning young adults with intellectual disabilities and/or in need of nursing care. The home we are building is a model of giving and a moral compass for us all - families, the enlightened community, and a value-based society that respects life. I invite you all to join us and take part in our unique initiative.

Israela Ringham-Levi
Project initiator and Director of Belev Raanana

Doron Marom, Chairman

I joined Belev Raanana when I saw how thorough and serious they were in implementing their goals. Having previously participated in the establishment of social NPOs, I quickly came to recognize the high effectiveness of Belev Raanana. As a citizen, it is very important to me to contribute to discussions and activities that define our approach to the weakest members of our society. I am proud to take part in the establishment of the home in Raanana, a pioneering residential project for people with severe disabilities. It is an honor to invite you to join us, and together we will change a wanting reality.

Alex Daulby, Founding member

My name is Alex Daulby. I am a businessman residing in Raanana and one of the founders of the Belev Raanana NPO.
Not long ago my family faced a painful dilemma: we were looking for a home for our daughter, a sweet, adorable girl with an intellectual disability. Since at the time of our search there was no suitable solution for her needs in our community, we had to find one elsewhere. This experience reinforced our awareness of the importance of the initiative and activities of Belev Raanana.

Today, after years of hard work, we, at Belev Raanana, see with pride and satisfaction how the vision gradually becomes a reality. Planning is already underway, and we know that this building will be much more than concrete, bricks and walls.

The complex we are building will bring a new spirit to the whole community, a spirit of inclusion, acceptance and hope.
I invite you all to partner with us in our innovative social enterprise.

Members of Belev Raanana:

Israela Ringham-Levi 
Project Initiator and  Director

Doron Marom 
Lorre Goldberg
Alex Daulby
Yossi Monin
Tal Inbar-Altman


Nadine Zar
Tali Tzor
Dr. Miki Seiffe
David T
Yarden Ringham
German Lioverski
Yuval Kedar
Pinahas Dov Goldberger

Attorney Eli Braude – Legal advisor
Leonard Friedman CPA (ISR.) FCA – Auditor
Uri Keidar – Building consultant (formerly Gen.Dir. of the Raanana Municipality)

Audit Committee
Gideon Arieli
Oren Tassa