About Love & Responsibility

When our child is born, we learn about love.

Becoming parents, we understand the meaning of responsibility.


Nimrod is a friendly, happy boy, and being his father has been a rewarding experience. Raising him has made me a more open and sensitive human being. This continues to teach me a great deal about myself and about being a parent. In my professional life also, as a psychologist, I have become a better, more attentive listener.

When our firstborn son Nimrod was two months old, we discovered that his brain was not developing normally, a phenomenon known as microcephaly. At the age of 3 he was diagnosed as a child with moderate to severe intellectual disability.

The early years were dominated by great anxiety, and we focused mainly on our son’s many tests and treatments. Gradually, I grew very close to Nimrod, feeling a great need to protect him. Then our lives slipped into a routine: Nimrod began attending suitable educational facilities, and we, his parents, resumed our other activities. Later on our second son, Itamar, was born – a healthy boy who is now 13.

Together with the sorrow and inevitable disappointment, we found a great deal of joy in raising Nimrod. He has always been a happy, easy-going child, who seeks contact and responds well to people. He is a beloved member of our family, who fully shares in our everyday lives, comes with us on trips, loves outings to the beach, and enjoys the company of friends and family.

We love having Nimrod with us, and his younger brother is also very attached to him. And yet, we understand that he cannot stay at home forever. Today our elder son is a young man of 23 who needs the companionship of friends his own age, as well as constant care and supervision.

We want the very best for Nimrod – an embracing environment that will safeguard his gift of liveliness and joy. We have no doubt that the new home in the community is the right place for our son and for us – a caring home where he can live his entire life, happy and secure.

תמונות המועמדים הם להמחשה בלבד.
כל המועמדים לדיור יעברו וועדות השמה לפי הכללים הנהוגים במשרד הרווחה. 



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Note: All applicants will be screened by objective placement committees, as required by Israel’s Ministry of Social Services.

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